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Network Management Systems

Our network engineering services can help you cut through the maze of options and enable you to implement cost-effective, high performance networks with high reliability and flexibility.

ARMOR's Network Engineering Program is a set of services that provides you with comprehensive network planning, design and engineering solutions for your network to provide voice, data and video services. Our program includes:

Network Engineering Services and Architecture

These services help you convert your basic business strategy into a technical plan. We develop a blueprint of the network that guides the network and technology choices over many years by specifying:

    1. Components of the network
    2. Functions of the elements of the network and how they are performed
    3. The protocols and interfaces that are applicable in the architecture and for interconnecting to other networks
    4. The data that has to be configured and maintained to run the network
    5. The management and control capabilities that will be used to operate and manage the network elements

These services feature the following components:

 1. Services Portfolio Assessment and Planning reviews the services currently offered by your network and identifies candidate new services that can be offered based on your business plans as well as technology and industry trends. We consider the different classes of customers and the associated pricing strategies, as well as the costs of providing the services when defining an overall services portfolio.

 2. Network Architecture Assessment provides an assessment of your overall network architecture by our experts. The focus of the assessment is to review how well the architecture would be able to meet your business needs going forward given the trends in the industry and the technologies

 3. Network Evolution Plan provides you an overall plan to evolve your network and to incorporate new technologies based on your business drivers and needs. Some of the key drivers in evolving the network include the ability to provide new revenue generating services and to reduce overall costs. We develop plans that would let you seamlessly migrate to the new network for your voice and data services, without affecting customer service, while limiting the possibilities of stranded investments

Network Design

These network design services enable you to select the specific network elements and the configurations, their locations and how they are connecting. These services feature the following components:

 1. Network Fundamental Plan provides you with an overall plan for your networks over the 3 to 5 year timeframe. It identifies the number and sizes of the network elements as well as their features and functions and how they are connected. The plan covers the breadth of the network including the access, switching/routing, signaling and control, transport networks and interconnection to other networks. A key element of this plan could include the steps to network migration.

  2. Requirements Development and Standards Support presents you with the specifications of new elements and services in the network. We build on our participation and leadership roles in key standards bodies to utilize the directions of standards in developing requirements and to provide expert input to the involved standards bodies.

  3. Network Assessments by our experts to determine the efficiency of the network designs as well as network performance, reliability and how it supports Quality of Service for the services provided by the network. Based on the assessments we provide the recommendations for network and technology enhancements.

 4. Network Engineering and Design provides you with the detailed designs and engineering of a specific area based on the Fundamental Plan and the service demand forecasts. The network designs identify the specifics of each element such as quantities (ports, line cards, fibers), capacities (subscribers, database size, trunk/route size), throughput, delay requirements, and availability requirements and include the interconnection to other networks. We use ARMOR and third-party network design tools as appropriate for the designs.

 5. Network Performance Optimization provides you with a comprehensive evaluation to optimize traffic flows, engineer and size the capacity of the network, and monitor service performance.

Network Planning Services

What business objectives are you trying to achieve?

Whether you are designing or upgrading a network, or developing a custom software application, ARMOR Network Planning & Design Services begin by asking you the fundamental question: What business objectives are you trying to achieve?

 1. Expanding your market presence?

 2. Introducing new technology or adding new services to your portfolio?

 3. Modernizing to a high performing multi-layer, multi-services platform?

 4. Improving the efficiency of your network operations?

 5. Positioning your company to deliver converged services?

 6. Optimizing the network and operations investments you have already made?

This approach ensures that throughout all phases of infrastructure planning and engineering, our network professionals are focused not only on your project's difficult technical challenges, but also on your critical business and service needs to maximize your revenue opportunities and optimize your investment in capital.

Product Support

An essential element of our commitment to your success

ARMOR product services can help you:

1. Facilitate network planning, installation and customization processes

2. Identify network issues before outages occur

3. Optimize network equipment and systems performance

4. Quickly resolve technical problems when they do occur

5. Optimize utilization of in-house technical support staff

Your continued success depends on keeping your network, the backbone of your business, up and running and operating at peak performance. An essential element of our commitment to your success is the full range of strategic and operational ARMOR Product Support Services that we offer to keep your communications infrastructure fully functional at all times. Our end-to-end services address the complete spectrum of your business and network lifecycle needs, from product planning, implementation and deployment, to preventative maintenance. ARMOR Product Support Services are both proactive to help you optimize performance and profitability, and reactive to ensure your revenue stream is not interrupted by network issues.

Network Security Solutions


ARMOR possesses proven competence in Information Security Risk Analysis and Management. Quantified risks can only be suitably mitigated by balanced hardening of an organization’s security posture. ARMOR brings to its clients a complete suite of security consulting services, enabling them to make informed decisions to safeguard their interests.

These include:

• Security Risk Analysis and Bench Marking
- External Penetration Testing
- Comprehensive Information Security Audit

- Unix / Windows Operating System
- Database and Web Server
- Wireless Networks

- Physical Security Audits

• Network Security Design and Implementation

- Secure Wireless Networks
- Data Centers


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