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Switching and Routing

What is switching?

Short for port-switching hub, a special type of hub that forwards packets to the appropriate port based on the packet's address. Conventional hubs simply rebroadcast every packet to every port. Since switching hubs forward each packet only to the required port, they provide much better performance. Most switching hubs also support load balancing, so that ports are dynamically reassigned to different LAN segments based on traffic patterns.  Some newer switching hubs support both traditional Ethernet (10 Mbps) and Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) ports. This enables the administrator to establish a dedicated, Fast Ethernet channel for high-traffic devices such as servers.


Why ARMOR for Switching?

ARMOR Computer Systems will help strengthen, simplify, and extend your network to maximize the value of your network using innovative network switching designed to support business requirements while delivering investment protection.

 What is routing?

In internetworking, the process of moving a packet of data from source to destination. Routing is usually performed by a dedicated device called a router. Routing is a key feature of the Internet because it enables messages to pass from one computer to another and eventually reach the target machine. Each intermediary computer performs routing by passing along the message to the next computer. Part of this process involves analyzing a routing table to determine the best path.  Routing is often confused with bridging, which performs a similar function. The principal difference between the two is that bridging occurs at a lower level and is therefore more of a hardware function whereas routing occurs at a higher level where the software component is more important. And because routing occurs at a higher level, it can perform more complex analysis to determine the optimal path for the packet.

ARMOR Routing Solutions.                                                           

 ARMOR Computer Systems Small/Medium Business and Large Routing Solutions help businesses streamline operations and reduce costs while gaining the competitive advantages of the Internet. They are designed to increase productivity and efficiency, and integrate business applications such as Web-based transaction processing, Supply Chain Management, telecommuting, VPN, e-learning, and voice video and data integration into everyday business practices. ARMOR Computer Systems makes these solutions flexible, allowing for support of a full range of technologies and applications, while providing investment protection for evolving business needs. ARMOR Computer Systems Small/Medium Business and Large Routing Solutions are a critical part of any small/medium business, or large enterprise network.


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